Bandhavgarh Fort Sophisticated Ancient Wonders of Stone

The narrow river Charanganga Runs through the dense canopy wriggling its way through just like a slender snake. A muddy bank interspersed with jutting stones and twisting as the water body steers itself on the way to culture makes you awestruck. As the banks extend, they spread their inundated breadth creating marshy grasslands all around. These are the favorite hunting grounds of the tigers that pounce upon the helpless sufferer slowed down from the slush. This is one aspect of Bandhavgarh another one gets the area mysterious and esoteric. As you drive through the grasslands encapsulated by forested slopes the past attestation you’d expect in this isolated wilderness is that of people. As you drive towards the Mountain across the grasslands a sudden rise seems. The driveway stretches through a Row of cliffs interspersed by scenic glens and muddy stretches.

The scenic grandeur inescapable and very much jaded also brings forth into sight a strip running like a necklace on the surface of the mountain named bandhavgarh safari. This is the rock wall enclosing the Gond Fort constructed perhaps two million years back. The panorama is stunning and surreal challenging your limits of creativity. As the driveway proceeds the perspective expands an ancient temple sitting on the border appears into eyesight bolstering ancestral Hindu character of India through the centuries. The temple that appears as a small speck in the mountainous spread is devoted to Lord Rama, Sita and Laxman. An old slender bodied priest could trudge each day high up into the temple through tiger infested wilderness to perform his religious duties. He was the Royal priest appointed by the erstwhile rulers of Rewa. He was an enigma that could gel nicely with the esoteric setup and would never escape your eyes safaris. All through caves, horse shelters Can be seen carved in the stone.

The slender metallic road Rises sharply, turns and twists to make the climb a tortuous experience and a Challenge to the motorist. This is Shesh Shaiyya a twenty five feet rock Idol of Lord Vishnu reclining on the border of a fairy pool. The groves accord a Cool color and the dense canopy is the breeding place of the tigers. The pool Is fed by trickles in the mountain stream which cascade down between ferns Throughout the stony slope covered by lichens. This is the early feature of this Reserve refreshing and cool meant to provide respite to the weary soldiers on Horses maybe a thousand years back. The top of the mountain zoomorphic Idols of Lord Vishnu besides big reservoirs, scattered sculptures and artifacts and temple ruins. The Rama Temple lies on the edge of the steep mountain and overlooks the entire forests. Here at the peak of the table top mountain the mesmerizing panorama unfolds. Stand here in complete silence and experience the magical tiger land that is Bandhavgarh National Park in India.